Remember to “Save Draft” as you go

  • Open your website as an Administrator.
  • Choose Posts from the left nav sidebar.
  • Choose All Posts from the pop-menu.

Create a new post draft

  • Hover over an existing post.
  • Choose New Draft from the pop-up menu to create the new post. Refresh the screen it doesn’t appear.
  • Choose Edit from the New Draft post’s pop-menu to begin changing the document.

Edit the Post Title and…

  • Change the Title of the blog post.
  • Change the Permalink name (lower case, no spaces).
  • Change or Add the blog Category.

Edit the Text and…

  • Select the Brush icon to add/edit text.
  • Select the Gallery icon to bring up the dialogue box for adding images to your Post.

Edit the Button

  • Select the Button icon to bring up the dialogue box for changing the name and link of the button.
    • Use the Search box to bring up the corresponding Portfolio page for linking.

Add the Feature Image

  • Select Feature Image to add a photo to top of the page.
  • Save Draft or Publish page.